Airtel B2B

The Airtel B2B platform arose from the need to automate a wide range of internal and time-consuming processes. A solid approach starts with a vision, knowing the customers and their needs. The objective was to design an end-to-end experience resulting in a product that feels natural, helping customers focus on accomplishing tasks without losing time.

In addition to the digital experience, we designed the Airtel B2B Book which connects the research and design processes, explaining all the foundations and elements of the design system.

IoT for Small Business

Product Design / Industrial Design / Interaction Design / UI/UX

IoT for Small Business was designed for AT&T as a proposal to develop a device family that creates relevant data to increase business knowledge and drive actions for general improvement.

How it works

Each device connects to a main hub/router, and the collected data can be transformed into stories about the small business and its customers’ lifestyles, behaviour patterns, preferences, and inputs.


Together, all devices build a single local network for enhanced security.


Movement patterns
By tracing the movements and actions of customers, managers can better shape the store layout.


Dwell time map
Tracking immobilized time by area allows for the measurement of customers’ attention and interests.


Send customers targeted notifications and service offers based on their location within the store and proximity to products.

Router & Hub

Smart Camera

The camera has a built-in motion sensor that sends an alert to users' devices whenever it detects movement. The body is attached to a magnetic base, which allows for easy detachment and independent use as well as rotation in any angle or direction, and built-in LED lights for night mode.

Plug Outlet

When the plug detects it has been disconnected from a device, it alerts the router, notifying the user as well. (A signal also appears on the mobile device.)

Contact Sensor

The contact sensor detects any vibration that is able to activate an alarm and thus inform the user of a possible intrusion. It was designed to easily fit in any corner of doors, windows and other places. It attaches by the use power strips, so it can be placed on any surface.


Tool free mounting
Users can install the router easily, without any special tools.

Visibility and accessibility
The screen angle benefits viewing in several perspectives for all users.

The hub/router can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk. The adjustable screen facilitates interactions.

Angle and position
The outlet's front surface angle helps users more easily attach/detach plugs from the power.

A rotating base maximized access to all sockets.

The arrangement and spacing of each slot was carefully considered in order to bring a sense of fluidity to plugging and unplugging.

Packaging is flexible and modular, with a see-through cover that reveals the purpose of each device. Devices are displayed both individually and as a bundled set, making it intuitive and accessible for customers.

AT&T eBusiness

Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

As one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, AT&T serves more than 3.5 million business customers.

How could they reach small business audiences with a consistent digital voice and brand tone?

With the design and development of a holistic digital B2B customer experience that captures all products and service functions across geographies by combining multiple experiences and platforms.

The result transformed the shopping experience into a unified service that includes key functions, tools, dashboards and re-architected support content capabilities, tooling, and product relevance.

Customers were provided with easy-to-use tools to guide them through a purchase: configurator, comparison tools, check availability maps, and a progress tracker, which provides an on-rails checkout.


Identity / Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

Gardenuity is an online service that allows people to buy the finest garden-inspired products and delivers them to their doorstep. Gardenuity stands for a greener and healthier lifestyle.

How could they simplify e-commerce, making it a painless, fun, and even creative experience for the clients?

We developed a complete brand identity and website that uses clear, clean design fundamentals as the strategic foundation for the user's experience.

C2 Education

Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

C2 Education is the USA's fastest-growing network of personal tutoring.

How to keep parents, students, and tutors on the same page effortlessly?

Creating a time-saving interface that automates processes and reduces errors. Addressing the different personas, the portal provides easy tools to track progress, share data, communicate, and manage and display information. The dashboard provides a quick overview on schedules, progress and coursework information. Data visualization facilitates comprehension progress, and coursework while data visualization facilitates comprehension.


Rebranding / Packaging Proposal.

Cedivet is a veterinary laboratory located in Porto, Portugal. Their specialised team of dedicated analysts are committed. obtaining and providing results of high reliability in the various areas of laboratory diagnostics.

The logo was designed to embody the scientific precision with which the lab studies the organic world. It functions as a distilled rendering of microscopic equipment but also depicts the process of analysis and interpretation in the field of histopathology. The union of these two ideas represents the practical nature of the technology and the insight that it enables.

Pela Nossa Terra

Book Design / Infographics

Europa—Pela Nossa Terra is a collection of publications by José Manuel Fernandes, a member of the European Parliament. It provides information and explanations about the EU institutions and their operation, funds, and funding programs, with particular attention to issues impacting Portugal.

The content is dense with information, essays, and statistics, and is richly illustrated with exhibits, including charts, graphs, and tables, plus hand-drawn illustrations. The design uses typographic hierarchy and color as organizing elements.

Each of the eight booklets is designed using black and one distinctive Pantone color. The design, whenever possible, makes the most of the format where the compelling infographics and tables extend across the spreads in horizontal landscape orientation.

Joana Silva Makeup

Identity / Website

Joana Silva is a makeup artist based in Paris. She provides services to both individual and corporate clients, and helps other professionals on projects such as photo shoots and fashion events.

We needed to create an identity that matched Joana’s passion for makeup and conveyed her striving to enhance the natural beauty of every woman.

The Joana Silva Makeup brand identity is a tribute to the twinkling eyes of a confident and beautiful woman—a satisfied client. The initials are reduced to their fundamental shape, allowing their constructive elements to render nearly abstract forms that result in an elegant and distinctive logotype. The soft, pastel color palette brings about a natural mood strengthened by the exquisite deep blue.


Branding / Packaging

Winemaker Casal de Ventozela commissioned us to create identity and label for its new venture: a bold and modern wine brand grounded in the Douro legacy. Douro is a wine region centered on the Douro River in the north-eastern part of Portugal.

Naming it gigo—the iconic harvesting basket—immediately brought to mind all the Douro’s old traditions. To preserve this imagery, we designed the label as an abstract representation of gigo, itself.

The weave pattern serves as the base for the label composition while the die-cut and transparent foil further enhance the recognizable pattern and perceived product quality. The use of two different g letterforms (a double-story and single-story) lends a singular and memorable quality to the wordmark, and the choice of the wide grotesque font gives it a bolder character.

Crediflux—Take Back Control

Motion Design

Crediflux is a service that automates and organizes all the information needed for credit rating and approval. To launch the service, Crediflux needed a compelling argument told in a captivating way.

We decided to compare the status-quo to what Crediflux can offer and represent the concepts of credit, smart data aggregation and software in a physical, palpable way.

Versus Faucet by Gen

Product Design / Industrial Design

Nature is filled of harmonious and impressive formations that result of opposing forces such as tornadoes, cliffs and mountains. Looking at mountains we can see how these forces result in magnificent convergent shapes that point to the sky. Taking a cue from the natural world, the opposing streams of hot and cold water meet in a single and unique stream of water.

Gala do Desporto U.Porto 2017

Event Identity / Video / Printed Matter

Gala do Desporto is an event where athletes, teams, coaches, and other members of University of Porto Sports Center are recognized for their prowess, accomplishments, and growth.

In 2017, we took the athlete image to a mythical status, an elite figure captured out of time, in a combination of cool darks and golden strikes to marry the Gala ambiance with a sensation of victory. From the three-figure reinterpretation of the podium to the accessory elements throughout the event’s communication, the prominence of the body and its captured movement is a call for exaltation and admiration of their conquers through limit-breaking hard work.

Encontros da Imagem 2016

Event Identity / Printed Matter / Merchandising

Encontros da Imagem is a photography festival held every year in Braga, Portugal. It is a nationally renowned event that includes exhibitions throughout Braga, a photography contest, portfolio reviews, and workshops – all united by an annual theme.

In its 26th edition, the festival returns with a concept that tackles the topic of Happiness from its sentimental side. The festival focuses on affections, memories, and visual impressions of the authors and uses the sun, its warmth, and a melancholic idea of an exotic place as key symbols.

The main challenge was to create an identity complex enough to allow for exploration while remaining consistent across the wide range of touch points from small collaterals and advertising to the website, exhibition signage, and catalogue book.

Event logo and identity base by Royal Studio & Ana Types Type. Calligraphy by Xesta Studio.

Dom Villas

Rebranding / Packaging Proposal

Dom Villas is rooted in the story of the family business—the hard work and dedication that mark the origins of family tradition. This story became an inspiration both the logo and the brand.

We created the Dairy Farmer character to represent the man who works by hand using the traditional methods, who takes care of his cattle and the quality of the final product.

We combined the mark with a custom-made wordmark that would reflect the purity and originality of the handmade products. The predominant use of blue is unusual for cheese in the Portuguese market, which makes Dom Villas stand out in what tends to be a gold-tinted and over-decorated category.

Minuto Europeu

Motion Graphics / Video / Art Direction

“Minuto Europeu” is a weekly short take on Europe’s current affairs by Carlos Coelho and José Manuel Fernandes.

How to contextualise the theme and character of the program?

The titles set a concise and informative tone with a metaphoric assembly of European references (the map, the parliament) into a clock-like machine, with the infographics and color scheme closing the loop.

Encontro Alumni 2017

Motion Graphics / Video / Art Direction

In 2017, University of Minho alumni gathered at Largo do Paço for Encontro Caixa Alumni. The event’s theme was ‘esPaço de Futuro’, creating a crucial space to look into the future, its opportunities and values.

The event's visual identity highlights the historic characteristics of the venue while calling out the progressive, vanguard purpose of the event.

Encontro Alumni 2016

Motion Graphics / Video / Branding / Art Direction

Encontro Caixa Alumni is an annual event that gathers University of Minho’s previous students with the purpose of reliving memories, strengthening their connection with the Academy and helping to build its future.

How to portray the Alumni’s future while respecting the past and highlighting the historic venue?

“History with Future” evokes legacy and tradition, vanguard and innovation. The concept brings the yesterday and the tomorrow together while paying tribute to Paço dos Duques.

We Are Bosch

Video / Cinematography / Motion Graphics

With plants in four cities, Bosch’s Portuguese branch excels in automotive technology, hot water solutions, home appliances, security, and communication systems.

We were approached by Bosch Portugal to help them communicate their capacities, achievements, and growth, but soon the overarching message became clear: It’s about the people and how Bosch values its quality and customer-driven team across all Portuguese plants. We visited every plant and got to know every team, from management to production, capturing footage and photographing facilities in candid scenes that accurately reflect the Bosch spirit and commitment.

Our solution is the corporate video Bosch Portugal is now sporting across all their communication channels; a story beginning with their technology’s impact on consumers’ everyday lives, winding through the company’s achievements, and ending with what makes it all possible - the people who work on and take special care of their products. It shares the full circle of events within Bosch Portugal that lead to excellence.

Zee — Honey Goods

Branding / Naming / Packaging / Graphic Design

Built from young biologists’ passion and care for bees and the environment, Zee focuses on Beekeeping, Educational Services, and Food Production Systems Improvement, maintaining honey as their key product.

Developing a solid communication strategy rooted in the business’s vision, we created a cohesive brand that conveys these values and cultivates a sweet personality across naming, graphic elements, and packaging.

Twine — Wine & Tapas

Branding / Naming / Interior Design / Graphic Design

Twine is a tapas and wine bar born from the passion of three young entrepreneurs enthusiastic about wine culture.

A cohesive and functional thread was created to connect naming to logo and physical space to graphic elements, transforming the brand ideals into a distinct communication strategy. The pieces come together to reflect the brand’s mission to spread wine knowledge and celebrate the many sensations enjoyed through food and wine.

Amalia Home Collection

Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

Amalia is a bedding and accessories brand that values Portugal’s history and defining symbols such as architecture, azulejos (tiles) and bordados (embroidery).

How can the brand reach an international audience?

The use of strong images and a clear layout gives customers the opportunity to see the product in detail, drawing them in and creating a connection. This connection is strengthened by the use of clear navigation and a consistent mobile experience that makes the website user-friendly across several formats.

Airtel 4G

Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

Airtel is India’s leading telecom carrier.

How to launch 4G and drive conversions in a market resistant to online purchases?

By designing a micro-site focused on the 4G experience, using information architecture and content optimization to clarify product variations such as wireless handsets, dongles, and wireless internet for fixed locations.

The fully responsive website uses fresh imagery and a clean approach for the buy-flow, resulting in an easy-to-use interface which allows customers to make online requests and payments, check service availability, and find information about new products and store locations. From UX engineering to fully redesigned UI’s, the website provides an experience that empowers users and helps them feel confident.


Branding / Graphic Design

FADU, the Portuguese University Sports Federation, represents dynamism, union, strength, intelligence, competitiveness, and challenge. The project goal was to create a system that provides structure and conveys professionalism, dedication, and seriousness.

Each modality has a signature attached, creating a structure similar to that of an Olympic organization. This approach allows the identity to grow by communicating efficiently both internal and externally.

The combination of brand values and an element representing sport and success resulted in a strong and dynamic shape inspired by the geometry of a laurel wreath.

The elements are all unified through rules created by studying related mathematical systems.

Via Reál

Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

Via Reál, located in Irving, Texas, is known for its delicious Mexican- and Southwestern inspired cuisine.

How to convey a mouth-watering experience without the possibility of taste?

The developed website gives value to the brand’s history and culinary excellency through the use of vibrant custom photography. To keep customers connected, the website adapts to different screen sizes for on-the-go usage while features like the VIP Guest list provide a personalized, welcoming experience.

RUM — Online Radio

Interaction Design / UI/UX / Web Design

RUM, a regional radio station, needed a new platform to appeal to and grow their online audience. The main focus was on streaming the radio broadcast and creating a tailored CMS (content management system) to expand their editorial capacity.

The new RUM website delivers a full online streaming experience through desktop and mobile. A fully responsive interface and permanent player keeps the music accessible even as users navigate the rest of the platform.

The website covers all the radio’s activities through an immersive news page and events and multimedia sections where users can find the latest podcasts, image galleries, and videos.

1º Dezembro

Editorial Design / Graphic Design

The First of December is Portugal's symbol of independence. In 1640, after 60 years of Spanish rule, history records show that Braga students were the first to welcome the new King and celebrate the restoration of independence. They started a tradition that is renewed every year and still lives today.

The event’s imagery represents independence through a cut off Spain and clean visual language (color, infographic elements) explored across all collateral materials.

Confeitaria Lopes

Branding / Packaging

Confeitaria Lopes is a traditional bakery and confectionery shop at Ponte de Lima City, in northwest Portugal.

The intention was to create an identity that feels homemade, with imagery suggesting the look of chocolate in the cooking process. The logo, stationery, and packaging designs utilize a retro/vintage language.

Enterro da Gata 2011

Editorial Design / Advertising

"Enterro da Gata" is a student event that, in addition to many academic traditions, is best known for its music festival.

We developed a suitable identity with the theme "The Cat is Green" and created a language consistently applied through all associated materials, including the event magazine “Revista da Gata”.


Branding / Editorial Design / Graphic Design

3R is a company dedicated to the restoration and monitoring of construction works, specializing in the exploitation of energy resources and environmental awareness. They seek to work with architecture offices, and this brochure aims to engage this target group using a simple, economical, and objective layout.


Signage / Editorial Design / Graphic Design

Barbal develops weighing technologies such as bascules, scales, and measuring systems.

With FF Netto typeface as a starting point,the signage design was further developed by adding simplified pictograms to properly contextualize Barbal’s new plant.

The pictogram system relates to the company’s values and look and feel, translating them into a more technical appearance. With these details, the brand communicates an organized and competitive image, distinguishing itself from competitors.

The brochure’s visual language highlights the technological and industrial character of the products which materialize in a clean layout, elegant format, and rich production details.


Branding / Graphic Design

JPA Construtora started in the late 1960s as a marble floor installer, but has since grown into a civil construction and public works company.

From logo to color scheme and typography, through the design of all the applications and website, the brand mark and identity system were developed using an icosahedral structure, predicting and supporting the company’s expansion.


Wines of Portugal

Illustration / Graphic Design / Packaging

Casal de Ventozela

Branding / Packaging / Print Design

Taking a great deal of inspiration from the North of Portugal, the illustrations sought reference in the elaborate filigree motifs, the Minho region costumes, and the traditional tile themes and engravings. Natural, organic but stylized shapes like foliage, grapes, birds and flowers repeat, to create the center graphic piece in the bottle's label.

Sem Fronteiras

Editorial Design / Illustration / Graphic Design

This book provides context and extensive information about youth politics, European funding programs, and other activities across the EU, but also serves as an index for education, culture, professional growth, and youth-helping protocols.

Its design both compliments the information given and attracts the target audience with illustrations and infographics.

Through these visualization solutions, content is more easily understood, while the color coding design simplifies access.

BMEL, Eduardo Lourenço Public Library

Branding / Graphic Design

Biblioteca Municipal Eduardo Lourenço (BMEL) is located in Guarda, Portugal and serves nearby students and schools.

The design draws on local history, resulting in a combination of the romanesque architecture forms present in Guarda and the silhouette of an open book page.

The four-color logo is used for public communication, while internal communication uses a monochromatic version.


Branding / Interior Design

LIFTOFF is a new student entrepreneurship office.

A complete look and feel was created to launch the service, including naming, logo, color scheme, typography, and an interior design for the office.

The corporate design incorporates printed products from press kits and advertisements to flyers and posters, as well as conference presentations and a website.

Maria Papoila

Branding / Graphic Design / Photography

Maria Papoila is an image consulting company whose name was adapted from a 1937 Portuguese film by Leitão de Barros.

The logo concept illustrates a popular Portuguese saying, "Have you seen the green bird?" This saying is typically used in a teasing way to ask women if they are in love when they are observed acting happily. The representation of a green bird is combined with lettering that reflects a world of innocence and playfulness.

INNO Veterinary Lab

Branding / Interior Design / Advertising

INNO is a veterinary lab located in Braga, Portugal, whose name comes from the word innovation — the driving force of the company.

The visual identity incorporates the additional ideas of biologic technology, accuracy, credibility, character, and veterinary medicine.

Bee iconography was chosen to convey values of creation, pollination, hard work, and biodiversity. It emphasizes the natural posture of the company and reinforces the idea of planned and organized work. The bee is also known for creating products with therapeutic properties which aligns with the healing outcomes of INNO’s work.